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Just when we thought OBE and "levelling" were dead, buried and cremated...

the "National Curriculum" folk at ACARA [Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority] have deviated from their straightforward K-10 Achievement Standards. Instead they have developed nebulous "assessment standards" rubrics for the senior years 11-12 that bear a remarkable similarity to the utterly discredited "levelling" attempted in Western Australia's failed OBE experiment.

Indeed, they look suspiciously like the maligned Queensland criteria-standards rubrics (or grids or "matrices"), which are essentially HOTS [Higher Order Thinking Skills]. Such has been the effect of Queensland's higher-order thinking tasks and ambiguous testing standards in years 11-12, that Queensland is now the number-one school drop-out state!

Australia is already lagging in international tests. One can only wonder at the effect of testing year 11-12 subjects via the vague "standards" published in December 2012 by ACARA.

Is Australia once again going down the same path of adopting yet another fad that has already been discredited and discarded overseas?

Learn more and join the discussion at the active PLATO Queensland website:

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The failed OBE experiment in WA was effectively dispatched in 2009, but unfortunately the stench, and damage, linger.

Are the OBE chickens coming home to roost? was a response to the markers' reports on the appalling standard of written expression and basic numeracy shown in the 2010 WACE Exams.

Click here to hear Marko Vojkovic's interview with Paul Murray on Perth radio station 6PR, 14 March 2011 [3.5 MB .mp3 audio file]

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